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Go2Grid was developed to fill a gap that existed in land nav apps.

Of course the basic military navigation skills must be mastered by those in the military (particularly land forces), and this app, or any other technology is no substitute for the ability to accurately apply these skills.

There are many great military navigation apps available for smart phones, but none of them can calculate land nav data as quickly and easily as Go2Grid can.

GPS units can also calculate land nav data accurately, but are still not as quick and user friendly as Go2Grid. Go2Grid does just one thing, and we reckon, does it well.

Go2Grid was developed with extensive input from a range of current and former Soldiers, NCO's and Officers, many with considerable infantry experience.

It is an ideal tool for planning navigation exercises and as a training tool to provide fast accurate feedback to trainees.

Have a look at a video demonstration of the app in action, or download the FREE MS Excel version Land Nav Data / Route Card Calculator, that can be used as an aid in preparing Navigation Data Sheets (Nav Data Sheets) or Route Cards. This app is ideal as training tool, for planing hiking treks or other adventures.

Military, ROTC, JROTC, Army Cadets, ACF members and Directing Staff / Cadre Staff will find this tool is the simplest way to plan Land Nav Exercises (NavExs), accurately calculating grid and magnetic bearinsg/azimuths and distance between Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) Grid References faster than using a GPS unit or compass / protractor / romer.

It is also ideal for those learning land navigation, as it can be used to provde instant feedback to calculations prepared using traditional map / compass / protractor / romer methods.

Go2Grid operates in Mils or Degrees and metres / miles / yards.

10% of the profit from each app sold is donated to Soldier On.





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