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Go2Grid was developed with extensive input from a range of current and former Soldiers, NCO's and Officers from a number of nations, many with considerable infantry experience.

'Go2Grid is a great tool to complement fundamental navigational skills. It is extremely easy to use, fast and accurate - great news for those tasked with planning navigation exercises and the like. As a training aid it enables Directing/Instructing Staff or trainees to quickly and accurately check nav data calculations. It expedites the nav planning process and improves accuracy. I wish I had this during my infantry days!'

a (former) CPL C. (Infantry)

'This app is 'solider proof' (soldiers might say it is 'officer proof'). It follows the KISS principle and does the heavy lifting of navigation calculations when time is short, minds are tired or the ‘ruthless implementation of the independent check’ is required. Ideal for DS checking syndicates or section Nav Data Sheets.

Go2Grid allows DS to quickly produce navigtaion scenarios in support of navigation lessons and field exercises.

uk (former) CAPT B. (Artillery Forward Observer)

'Great tool, really useful for trainees to confirm they are 'doing it right' when using map, protractor and compass'.

us (former) CAPT H. (USMC, Intelligence)

'As a Military Instructor, working with engineers, I've been using the Go2Grid app for some time now and am really impressed with it's speed, accuracy and ease of use. A great tool for Nav planning calculations and providing feedback to those learning Nav.'


Great App!!! ★★★★★
We use this app to verify dist/dir for our cadets during land nav plotting time and for STX Lanes. Very handy to have and saves a lot of time.

us TNaC1234

Great App! ★★★★★
Easy and quick to use!

a Para367

Effective ★★★★★
Great easy to use app that is accurate and simple to use





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